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Military Specifications


Part No Description
A-A-52444 Gaskets, Combination of Metal and Non-Asbestos Facing Material
A-A-59588 Rubber Silicone
AMS 7276G Rings, Seals, Fluorocarbon Rubber High-Temperature Fluid Resistant
AMS-3216F Flourocarbon (FKM) Rubber, High-Termperature, Fluid Resistant, Low Compression Set
AMS-3270J Chloroprene (CR) Rubber Sheet Cotton Fabric Reinforced, Weather Resistant
AMS-3274 Acrylonitrile Butadiene (Nbr) Rubber Sheet and Molded Shapes Nylon Cloth Reinforced Fuel Resistant
AMS-7276G Rings, Sealing, Fluorocarbon Rubber, High-Temperature, Fluid Resistant, Low Compression Set
AMS-C-6183 Cork and Rubber Composition Sheet for Aromatic Fuel and Oil Resistant Gaskets
ASTM D2000-03A Rubber Products in Automotive Applications
ASTM D4066 System for Nylon Injection and Extrusion Materials
ASTM F104-2003 Nonmetallic Gasket Materials
ASTM-D1056-07 Flexible Cellular Materials - Sponge or Expanded Rubber 1,2
ASTM-D1710 91A PTFE Basic Shapes, Rod and Heavy-Walled Tubing
ASTM-D-6576 Flexible Cellular Rubber Chemically Blown
C-F-206 Felt Sheet
DOD-I-24688 Insulation Panel Open Cell Polyamine Foam
HH-C-576B Cork Sheet
HH-P-151F Cloth Inserted Rubber
HH-P-31F Packing and Lagging Material
HH-P-96 G Paper, Gasket Fiber (Animal or Plant) Sheet
MIL-83285 Rubber, Ethylene-Propylene, General Purpose
MIL-B-117E Bags, Sleeves and Tubing
MIL-C-6133 C Cellular Elastomeric Materials, Molded or Fabricated Parts
MIL-C-6183B Cork and Rubber Composition Sheet for Aromatic Fuel and Oil Resistant Gaskets
MIL-C-882E Cloth Inserted Rubber
MIL-D-24709(SH) Distributed Isolation Material
MIL-DTL-117H Bags, Heat Sealable
MIL-DTL-15562G Matting or Sheet Floor Covering, Insulating for High-Voltage Applications
MIL-G-1086E Gasket Material, Synthetic Rubber (For Bolted Steel Tanks)
MIL-G-11491D Glass Washer, Electric, Portable
MIL-G-1149C Gasket Materials, Synthetic Rubber, 50 and 65 Durameter Hardness
MIL-G-12803 Cancelled see ASTM-F-104-03
MIL-G-12803C Gasket Material, Non-Metallic
MIL-G-15324E Gaskets, Metallic, Spiral Wound for Boilers
MIL-G-21610C Gaskets, Heat Exchanger
MIL-G-24696-1A Gasket Sheet, Non-Asbestos, Size and Tolerances
MIL-G-3036C Grommets, Rubber Hot Oil and Coolant Resistant
MIL-H-46354 Headrest, Optical Instruments
MIL-I-22344D Insulated, Pipe, Thermal, Fibrous Glass
MIL-I-45208 Inspection Systems Requirements
MIL-L-40069D Leather, Cattle Hide, Chrome Tanned, Cold-Climate
MIL-M-910F Mats, Floor Standing
MIL-P-116J See Mil-STD-2073 (Methods of Preservation)
MIL-P-14401 Pads, Cushioing, Personnel Protection, Vehicular
MIL-P-15280J Plastic Material Unicellular
MIL-P-23199E Packaging and Packing Requirements for Special Purpose Components and Repair Parts
MIL-P-4861C Packing, Performed, Rubber
MIL-P-5510C Packing, Preformed, Straight Thread Tube
MIL-P-5516 Packing, Preformed Petroleum Hydraulic
MIL-P-82745 Packing, Preformed, Hydraulic Oil Compatible
MIL-P-83461/1B Packing, Preformed, Hydraulic Fluid Resistant
MIL-P-83461B Packing, Preformed, Petroleum, Hydraulic Fluid Resistant, Improved Performance
MIL-PRF-1149D Syntehtic Rubber 50/65D
MIL-PRF-121G Barrier Materials, Greaseproof, Waterproof, Flexible Heat-Sealable
MIL-PRF-15624F Rubber 50D
MIL-PRF-22191D Barrier Materials, Transparent, Flexible, Heat-Sealable
MIL-PRF-900F Rubber Gasket Material, 45 Durometer Hardness
MIL-QQ-P-416F Plating Cadmium
MIL-R-14328B Rubber Sheet, Synthetic, Medium Soft, General-Purpose Gasket Material (for Extreme Climatic Conditions)
MIL-R-15624E Rubber Gasket, 50 Duro Max
MIL-R-25988B Fluoro-Elastomer
MIL-R-2765D Rubber Sheet Strip
MIL-R-3065E Rubber Fabricated Products
MIL-R-46098C Rubber, Sponge, Silicone, Closed Cell
MIL-R-6130C Rubber, Cellular, Chemically Blown
MIL-R-6855/1 Rubber, Synthetic Sheets
MIL-R-6855/5 Rubber Synthetic Sheets, Channel Extruded
MIL-R-6855E Rubber Synthetic Sheets, Strips, Molded and Extruded
MIL-R-7362D Rubber, Synthetic, Solid, Sheet, Strip and Fabricated Parts, Synthetic Oil Resistant
MIL-R-83248-1 Rubber, Fluorocarbon Elastometers, High-Performace Fluid and Compression Set Resistant
MIL-R-83248-2 Rubber, Fluorocarbon Elastomers, High-Performance Fluid and Compression Set Resistant
MIL-R-83248C Fluoro-Elastomer
MIL-R-83397A Rubber, Polyurethane, Castable, Humidity Resistant
MIL-R-8791D Retainer, Packing, Hydraulic and Pneumatic TFE
MIL-R-900F Gasket Material, Rubber 45 Duro
MIL-S-19622 Stuffing Tube, Nylon
MIL-S-45351 B Seal, Engine Shroud
MS-28774 Retainer, Packing Backup
MS-28775 O-Ring Specs
MS-28777C Washer, Flat, Aircraft Hydraulic Backup
MS-28778 Packing, Preformed Straight Thread Tube
MS-28782 Retainer, Packing, Back-Up Teflon
MS-28783 F Ring, Gasket, Back-Up PTFE
MS-28932 Felt Strip, Packing Gland
MS-29513 Packing, Preformed, Hydrocarbon, Fuel Resistant, O-Ring
MS29561 C Packing, Preformed, O-Ring, Synthetic Lubricant Resistant
MS-51007C Gasket, Rubber, Synthetic
NAS-1523 Packing with Retainer
SAE-AS8791 Hydraulic and Pneumatic Retainers (Back-Up Rings), Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Resin
ZZ-R-765E Silicone Rubber